Shabad Hazaare

It’s intention and design is to support a deep state of relaxation and peace. Perfect for meditation, yoga and massage. Read more →


Prana Pulse – music for yoga, love and ecstatic dance is the latest Shamans Dream project produced by Craig Kohland and Evan Marc (Bluetech) Prana Pulse is an intentional musical movement journey designed to… Read more →


Rhythmic movement flows across landscapes and cultures, waking and dreaming without barriers. The language of dance is one. And when it comes to defining the world dance scene, Shaman’s Dream… Read more →


World music expeditioner Shaman’s Dream are on a mission to search the planet for the sacred sounds of indigenous cultures, and weave them with the urban beats of their Los… Read more →


World-renowned teacher Shiva Rea invited friends Craig Kohland and Rara Avis to accompany her across the globe… Read more →

Desert Dwellers: Downtemple Dub // Roots

Tracing the routes of the ancient Silk Road, Desert Dwellers lead an electro-mystic exploration of nomadic music—and the timeless concept of groove. A caravan of sound drawing from East Asia… Read more →

Desert Dwellers: Downtemple Dub // Flames

Desert Dwellers continue their yoga dub odyssey into the soul of the global heartbeat. Rara and Amani’s trademark deep bass, earthy percussion, etheric voices and culture-crossing instrumentation meet Treavor Moontribe’s… Read more →

Desert Dwellers: Downtemple Dub // Waves

On their first full album release, Desert Dwellers meld elements of downtempo and psy-chill with sinewy basslines, otherworldly guitar and an exotic mix of organic instruments into an Indo-ambient mystical… Read more →

Off the Mat and into the World (Sounds of Seva – Yoga Mix 1)

Off The Mat, Into The World® Yoga Sounds of Seva Vol.1 is a new cd collaboration between White Swan Records, Yogitunes and OTM. An ecstatic yoga flow music compilation featuring:… Read more →


This album celebrates the musical genius of the Bayaka Pymies of the Central African rainforest. It includes traditional Bayaka music, soundtrack pieces from the film, and entirely new creations which… Read more →


The Hawaii-based percussion collective Barabajaba, have produced an album that is both exceptional and deeply innovative. The interweaving of soulful grooves and intriguing melodic vocals highlight the connection between ancient… Read more →


A magical cross-cultural journey that embodies the essence of flow.  Jala, which is sanskrit for water, explores the elemental quality of this sacred life giving fluid.  It’s ability to embrace,… Read more →


If you think you know the music of Jai Uttal, then get ready for a surprising adventure into uncharted territory. When remix artist Rara Avis of Shaman’s Dream began to… Read more →


This is dedicated to Gratitude and to the Hope that in these complex times, we may find unity through a common language of the heart. Lalla’s Ecstasy is very special… Read more →


A sacred alchemy of sounds from around the world weaved together to provide a shamanic musical journey for yoga and relaxation. Includes source recordings from Craig Kohland and Chuck Jonkey’s… Read more →


A voice from deep inside your own breath calls you to merge into the ecstasy of Bindu. Sounds of nature, exotic instruments and ancient melodies take you on a mystical… Read more →


Shamans Dream’s first album. Breathing blends the sounds of nature, exotic instruments and a rich tapestry of percussion to create a sound experience that takes you on a trance-like journey… Read more →