Is it OK to Touch a Vinyl Record?

In olden days, vinyl records play an important role in an audio platform. Pay more attention to handle the vinyl records. Is it good or bad to touch a vinyl record? Get a clear answer for this query hidden in your mind. The same level of care is applied for vinyl records.

There is some physical prevention needs to take part in touching vinyl records. Does it create any troubles while touching in hands? Of course, some might went wrong.

In the case of having doubt, let us see what will be the factors in touching vinyl records.

vinyl record

Stop touch with the surface of the hand

Do you have vinyl records at home and afraid to touch? Don’t use your hand surface directly. Labyrinth of grooves on vinyl records acts as a dirt-trap. It holds to skin particles and makes dirt.

Take some extra time to keep your hand at outer side. Have a bit more careful about operating it. Stop some nonsense when touching directly. One could not touch the record’s playing surface directly.

Stop cleaning in hands

It seems everyone ok in touching the vinyl records. But it never worked out well. Don’t believe anything that others said. Stop cleaning in hands, and start to use best vinyl cleaner machine, go for some cleaning products available in the store.

touch the record's playing surface

Don’t touch the moving platter

You were excited that turntable setup is moving and cannot wait to touch. Is too bad, because moving platter stops rotating. Does it can replace or not? Of course, you can replace but it requires a little bit more investment. So better don’t this type of behavior with vinyl records. Keep your count until the platter stop. After that, you can touch anything.

Don’t let vinyl records wet

There is a lot of talk about wet playing vinyl records. What will happen touching the record surface in wet hands is the question. It creates troublesome in playing. It is better to avoid touching in wet condition. You need to be careful and check before touching.

Holds the outer side of records

It is always better to hold vinyl records outer side. Some opportunities will arise when keeping hand off from a vinyl record. Better stop getting confusion! Follow the instructions by seeing manuals. It gives a comfortable zone while accessing the vinyl records safely.

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