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Is it OK to Touch a Vinyl Record?

In olden days, vinyl records play an important role in an audio platform. Pay more attention to handle the vinyl records. Is it good or bad to touch a vinyl record? Get a clear answer for this query hidden in your mind. The same level of care is applied for vinyl records. There is some…

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What Is A Phaser: Let Us  Dioscover

There are many effects in the modulation category. In this series of notes, it is unveiled the mysteries of flanger, phaser, chorus, univibe /leslie, vibrato or tremolo. These effects, used judiciously, can spice up any rhythmic in clear or saturated, or add to your sound for solos, to name a few of their uses. Phaser…

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What Is Headroom In Audio: Find Out

Headroom use to resemble air your mix requires it to be able to breathe. Ask any mastering engineer and he will say the same thing: If a mix comes without headroom, there is literally less room left for improvements. The good final mastering you are looking for starts with good habits while you are mixing…

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What Is Wow And Flutter: Things Your Need to Know

Maximum number of the turntable lovers comprehends what wow and flutter is. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned to this origination once again for fledglings. If you need to expand the capability of your music, you yourself must learn and know a multitude of background components which make the fantastic sounds. The wow and flutter mean…

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